Voting has been REVAMPED!
Started by CGNTG

After a few hours of work, you can now vote on any platform listed on our voting page in the forum. If you want to earn more BlockBux in Factions and soon KitPVP, you can earn 25 BlockBux by voting and you can earn the BlockBux each day! So, let's help grow the community! We've already grown to be ranked currently as Number 4 on and I wish that we grow even further.

Share us with other players, mention us in forums, help us grow to an extent that makes the experience enjoyable for many players! That's our main goal. We want an experience like no other with a strong community and you are part of the foundation. I thank you for your support so far in our network and I hope that you can have an even better experience in the future!

BNMC Founder
5 months ago