We are on Planet Minecraft!
Started by CGNTG

While Blockade Network has been on Planet Minecraft ever since it was released, I've finally updated it to be more informational and have a lot more updated information about the network! You can even share it with your friends as the Planet Minecraft listing has a voting system that will soon give you free BlockBux each time you vote! Below, you'll find a quick snapshot of the page and what you can share to others.

Use the link listed below to check out the listing yourself!

By checking out the Planet Minecraft listing, you'll even get a glimpse at what you can expect BNMC to be soon. We want to branch off and by doing that, we want to make more game modes that will be even more enjoyable to our players. By spreading the word, you can help the server grow and you can rise to the top by voting, promoting, and chatting.

I hope that you are all doing great and I hope to be keeping you up-to-date on Discord, Planet Minecraft, and here, our forum.


BNMC Founder
5 months ago