NETWORK UPDATE: Connect Directly to Gamemodes!
Started by CGNTG

Many people choose to only play one game mode, and we fully respect that at BNMC. This thread is to help you connect to a specific game mode of your choice with a dedicated IP.

How to connect to a game mode (bypassing the hub)

Some people want to jump directly into their game and we respect that, so we can shorten the time that it takes to join a game in a few steps shown below.


Step 1 - Edit the Server

Click our server and click the edit button below


Step 2 - Replace the IP

Replace the server address with one found below

Anarchy Survival:





And feel free to replace the server name with something more suitable for your needs


Go ahead and click done once finished, and you'll be able to bypass the hub to join the server of your choosing!



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