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CGNTG CGNTGabout 1 month ago
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To those not on the BNMC Discord server, you would be unaware of what has been going on with the Blockade Network Minecraft server. So, I think that it is finally time to discuss the future of the unpopular server.

I will first start off by saying that like many people, I don't have a lot of free time anymore since the USA is starting to finally come back to normal where I live. Because of this, I have been unable to put enough time and effort as I did back in March through July. I will say that those months were the peak of the server because that was when people had time to actually play some Minecraft, and back then we actually had many server options from people to choose from. I was originally starting this...

CGNTG CGNTG3 months ago
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Unfortunately, due to high server costs and the lack of players, our least popular servers, which happened to be SkyBlocks, survival, mysterious survival, and KitPVP are now shut down. The GitHub pages with world files are listed down below for your pleasure.

I hate to do this, but I didn't have much of a choice. If you would like to help bring back the servers and fund Blockade Network, consider donating to our Patreon page or server store.



CGNTG CGNTG5 months ago
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After a few hours of work, you can now vote on any platform listed on our voting page in the forum. If you want to earn more BlockBux in Factions and soon KitPVP, you can earn 25 BlockBux by voting and you can earn the BlockBux each day! So, let's help grow the community! We've already grown to be ranked currently as Number 4 on and I wish that we grow even further.

CGNTG CGNTG5 months ago
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While Blockade Network has been on Planet Minecraft ever since it was released, I've finally updated it to be more informational and have a lot more updated information about the network! You can even share it with your friends as the Planet Minecraft listing has a voting system that will soon give you free BlockBux each time you vote! Below, you'll find a quick snapshot of the page and what you can share to others.

Use the link listed below to check out the listing yourself!

By checking out the Planet Minecraft listing, you'll even get a glimpse at what you can expect BNMC to be soon. We want to branch off and by doing that, we want to make more game modes that will be even more enjoyable to our players. By spreading ...

CGNTG CGNTG7 months ago
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Many people choose to only play one game mode, and we fully respect that at BNMC. This thread is to help you connect to a specific game mode of your choice with a dedicated IP.

How to connect to a game mode (bypassing the hub)

Some people want to jump directly into their game and we respect that, so we can shorten the time that it takes to join a game in a few steps shown below.


Step 1 - Edit the Server